Slap Me Harder, Sir

Ways in which to use, abuse, and (sometimes) soothe xx

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thelustnscroll asked: Hi sweetheart. Love your blog.. Got Kik?

Strike 1: I’m not your fucking sweetheart.

Strike 2: what would compel me to want to talk to you on kik from this message?

Strike 3: cock shot profile pic… Put it away—no one cares.

Learn how to message people, guys.

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever been dommed by a woman? If so was the dynamic different from having a male dom?

I haven’t been, no! I would love to try it.. Though I’m much more interested in topping a girl. Would be fun to find a switch girl and switch our dynamics around :)

And I don’t think the dynamic would change much between men and women dom(me)s. I think porn likes to depict women dommes in a certain light but I doubt it’s that realistic.